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Rewrite (for the last time)

Seriously. If I can't do it, Metamorphosis is going to be dumped. It's like old baggage from my highschool years xD;

But ANYWAYS, Metamorphosis is going to be rewritten for the very last time. It shall be 5 chapters, no more, no less. I plan to have it finished or like almost done by the end of this year, because I would really like to free up some space to do some other stories. ^^;.

The general story points will be the sample, there's just gonna be no magical girls or anything. The cast will be dramatically cut down. Idk when I can start on the new script, but I do hope that it's soon.

So that is all. I apologize for the long hiatus and wait, but here's the news now! Meta's gonna be done this year hopefully ^^

posted by E.Redemption @ January 2nd, 2011, 8:52 pm  -  0 Comments

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