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Okay so I did my once in a while story consistency check which is THEHARDESTJOBINTHEWOR- cough where I reread the entire comic to see if there are any plot holes or anything.

Metamorphosis is like:

Story: check
Flow: check
consistency: check
Art: ....UH....not Check?

When I was rereading the entire thing it was like OH GOD, WHAT IS THIS S-uffice to say, I need to do some redrawin'. Cuz this art don't fly with me no moar, nu uh no suh~

So there will be some redrawing going on with updates...which...should...be starting...soon...OH GOD WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO- as you can see I'm going through a series of crisises...crises (yea) here. Maybe...I'll go sort these out too. B-But, FYI Metamorphosis should be coming back in august!

See you guys then.

posted by E.Redemption @ July 24th, 2010, 2:54 pm  -  0 Comments

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