Characters Page The Humans

"The Human"
Full Name: Alexis Blair
Age: 21
Occupation: Part time Photographer, College Student
Orientation: He says he's straight
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: brown
Skin: light peach
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 138 lbs
Partner: Oh I dunno, a playboy someone...
Color: lately? It's been black
Music: Alternative rock in general
Alexis is the classic case of a person being somewhere at the wrong time. After his girlfriend cheated on him, things went downhill from there. He is by nature a very sarcastic, pessimistic, guarded person but this stone hard outer armor hides a very sweet character. He currently attends an art college (not shown in story) and is aspiring to be a prominent fashion photographer.

"Supportive Friend "
Full Name: Asher Lansing
Age: 25
Occupation: Cafe Owner
Orientation: Gay
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Aqua
Skin: Peach
Height:6' 0"
Weight: 147 lbs
Partner: Edward Torres
Color: All colors!
Music: Oldies, the classic bands like the Beatles
Asher is Alexis's closest friend in the human world. He can be forceful when he wants to, but it's all in the best interest of the people he cares for. He's a very loving, understanding guy who is extremely easy to talk to. He's the type to hold those who are dear close to him. Unfortunately in this version of Metamorphosis, he plays an extremely small role.
"That Cheating Slut"
Full Name: Kiera Hager
Age: 21
Occupation: Model
Orientation: Straight
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Peach
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Partner: Who knows?
Color: Bright colors
Music: Pop
She's the slut who cheated on Alexis! She was an amateur model when she met Alexis and they dated for about a year and a half. She loves the irrational, the suprizing, so to spice up her life, she prefers to have multiple partners.
"Nameless Guy "
He's the guy found with Kiera in Alexis's room. He has cool hair.

The Circinians

"The Player"
Full Name: Katashi Sato
Age (In Human Years): 17
Circinian Force: Offense Core, Fighter
Specialization: Transfiguration
Element: Earth
Orientation: Gay

Hair: Greenish Black
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Yellowish Peach
Height: 5'8" (and still growing!)
Weight: 134 lbs
Partner: Clement Fay currently, (with little doses of a certain human)
Color: Olive
Katashi is probably the biggest player (or slut) of the Circinian main court. He's probably dated almost all the guys in the court (even some people in the actual court itself). He's not known to stay with a partner for a very long time. Other than being a total coughsexfiendcough player, he's a quiet, contemplative, cunning guy.

"The Angel"
Full Name: Clement Fay
Age (In Human Years): 17
Circinian Force: Defense Core, Healer
Specialization: Internal and External Healing
Element: Water
Orientation: Gay

Hair: Beige
Eyes: Lavender
Skin: Pale Peach
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 116 lbs
Partner: Katashi Sato
Color: Pastels
Clement is well known as a superb healer in his force. He is very gentle, timid, shy, but very sweet and cute. He is often mistaken as a child because of his soft features. He's a hard worker who likes to improve his skills, so he's like a perfectionist.
"The Hyper One"
Full Name: Henrietta(Henry) Naffis
Age (In Human Years): 22.5
Circinian Force: Defense Core, Researcher
Specialization: Programmer
Element: Air
Orientation: ???

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Sky Blue
Skin: Peach
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 137 lbs
Partner: n/a
Color: Orange
Henrietta is very cheery and supportive. Since he is a programmer, he has figured out how to access the human internet and has developed a love for human music. If he is not seen hanging out with friends, then he is in the lab listening to music. He's very clingy to close friends, and can be greedy and overprotective for his loved ones.
"Clueless Girl "
Full Name: Lita Yun
Age (In Human Years): 16
Circinian Force: Offense Core, Magic
Specialization: Curses
Element: Darkness
Orientation: ???

Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Indigo
Skin: Peachy yellow
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 104 lbs
Partner: n/a
Color: Spring green
Lita's Henrietta's partner in crime. They love to act crazy together. Sometimes though Lita can be a little thickheaded and she is very slow. But she tries her best to be helpful and friendly.

The Knights

"Ms. Hot Head"
Full Name: Aria Halifax
Age (In Human Years): 15
Circinian Force: Knight
Employed Under: The Earth Prince, Jonas
Element: Air
Orientation: Straight

Hair: Golden Blond
Eyes: Magenta
Skin: Peach
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Partner: n/a, but she has a crush on a certain someone...*MYSTERY*
Color: Pink
Aria is a short tempered, fiery girl. Out of all the knights, she has the shortest patience, so she tends to blow up a lot. She also puts up a very tough exterior, but that helps her image as one of the most powerful knights in Circinus. She's very good with magic and she enjoys killing ghuls. A lot.
Full Name: Caelin Telfair
Age (In Human Years): 19
Circinian Force: Knight
Employed Under: The Air Prince, Eluoan
Element: Metal
Orientation: ???

Hair: teal, Black
Eyes: Dark Grey
Skin: Copper
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 136 lbs
Partner: ???
Color: Red
Caelin is Aria's best friend, though the two are seen fighting most of the time. Since he is the only male knight, he makes sure to act extra macho- meaning cool headed, and silent ("I'm not a Magic Boy!!) He's very serious, but he enjoys listening to music (thanks to Henrietta) in his free time.

The Court

"The Earth Prince"
Full Name: Jonas
Age (In Human Years): 20
Circinian Court Rank: Prince
Knight: Aria Halifax, Air Knight
Element: Earth
Orientation: ???

Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Yellow Orange
Skin: White Cream
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 145 lbs
Partner: n/a, but he seems to prefer a certain someone in Circinus...
Color: Sepia
Jonas is seen as a violent, cold prince who is not afraid to wack someone in the head if they are out of line. Though deep down he is a great guy, his cold appearance and attitude stem from his past troubles in the royal household of the Earth Realms. He's a really close friend of Katashi, though ever since they've arrived at the Circinian court, they haven't been able to hang out as much.
"The Air(head) Prince"
Full Name: Elouan
Age (In Human Years): 22
Circinian Court Rank: Prince
Knight: Caelin Telfair, Metal Knight
Element: Air
Orientation: Gay

Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Pale Peachy Yellow
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 126 lbs
Partner: ???
Color: Light Blue
Elouan is like a child in an adult body. He's playful and somewhat innocent, but can also throw tantrums. When people do tasks for him, they say it's just like babysitting- tell that to his knight, Caelin, who is assigned to him for life. (Good god, he's a disgrace of a prince! Always so whiny, and demanding muttermutter)